I am

Mag. Tomas Veres Ruzicka

With more than 9 years experience in leading the communication for DIESEL in Austria & Slovenia and more than 20 years experience in event management, I will be your professional partner for influencer marketing and guerilla pr - always trying to use unconventional ways to reach your goals. 


Check out my book about guerilla marketing released in 2011. 

Clients & partners  

DIESEL, Weber+Weber, TheBudims, Heroes&Heroines, Ina Kent, Öfferl, Zirb, Alpienne, Ucon Acrobatics, Tonys Chocolonely, Lóreal, Coca Cola, Radio Superfly, Advanced Minority, SoulSugar, SnoreFree App, ABSOLUT VODKA, Dior, Werner Achs, Observer, Vangardist, WOMAN, DerStandard, Gewista, Heroes&Heroines, Simply Catering, Concept Solutions, Absolut Print, FORWARD Festival, Michael Dürr photography, Mc Arthur Glen, STYRIA multimedia, Fossil, Marcolin, Foscarini, Seletti, Moroso